Meet Miss Kitty's newest kitten - ASHTON - Pat Lee, Miss Kitty's volunteer, received a call about some abandoned new born kittens that a lady found on her property up in Ashfork, AZ (a very rural area about 55 miles from the Prescott area).  Three of the four kittens had passed on.  Pat reached out to volunteer Karen Moses, who answered the call and drove all the way to Ashfork to pick up the remaining kitten.  Karen drove up to Ashfork, met the lady and took possession of ASHTON.  Karen then drove all the way back to Prescott and delivered ASHTON to Pat, who was at our local Petsmart with Judi Ross, who is also part of the MKCH Kitten team.  Karen was drenched from head to toe.  This was because Karen drove all the way from Ashfork to Prescott with no air conditioning so that ASHTON could remain safe and warm.  Pat said that ASHTON would not have survived without Karen's assistance.  This is the length that our MKCH volunteers go to, to try and rescue as many cats and kittens as we can.  Please keep Ashton in your thoughts and prayers.  When he is ready, ASHTON will be up for adoption at the Miss Kitty's Kitten Corner at the Prescott Petsmart.  Great job Karen.

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