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Miss Kitty’s Cat House facility is in a historic Victorian home located at 302 N. Alarcon Street in Prescott, Arizona. Approximately 20 adult cats live and play at the house until they are adopted out to their forever homes. The cats roam free in the house and are cared for by a variety of dedicated volunteers who come in daily. When you visit Miss Kitty's, you will meet all our cats on neutral ground, in an environment where they feel safe. You will be able to better observe their personalities and traits to find a perfect fit for you and your household.

Miss Kitty's YTD Adoptions
  • Adult Cats  55
  • Kittens  30
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Public Notice

If someone has contacted you via social media regarding relinquishing your cat to Miss Kitty's, they do NOT represent our organization. Conversations about intake are always done over the phone and the cats are put on a wait list to come into the house. If you have been advised to leave your cat on our doorstep, DO NOT DO THIS, as animal abandonment is a crime in the state of Arizona.

Adoptable Kitten Hours


All kittens are fostered in volunteers’ homes and are only available on certain weekends at PetSmart in Prescott next to Costco. Click Picture for more info.
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 Kitten of the Week

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   Our cat of the week

ORI is 2 years old with orange & white hair. He loves to play & to have his head, ears & back scratched. He is a loving boy who came to Miss Kitty’s when his owner had health issues & could not care for him. ORI loves to sit by open windows looking out. He has always been an indoor cat & will use his cat voice to announce himself. ORI is waiting to meet you.

To Meet ORI please email us or call (928) 445-5411 to make an appointment.  Adoptions are being done by appointment only.  To find out more about us, check us out on Facebook.


Discovering a litter of kittens outdoors can evoke a mix of emotions – concern, compassion, and sometimes confusion about the best course of action. It can be tempting to scoop them up and bring them indoors, but it’s important to understand what is (and what isn’t) in their best interest.

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Lost or Found a Pet?

A pet parent’s nightmare
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